Mobile Privacy Policy

Lavopay Mobile App Privacy Policy

Lavopay values your privacy. Therefore we do not collect and store any of your personal data (credit/debit card number, cvv, issue date and so on), when using the Lavopay mobile app, for any commercial purposes. When you connect to a Lavopay we only get the following data: 1. The statistics on the amount of installations from the Google Play Store and from iTunes Connect, collected by Google and Apple (this is standard for all applications available on the stores). That's all the data we get. 
Of course, if you install the Lavopay mobile app and connect to a Lavopay server hosted by us, more data is transferred. If you, for example, perform a payment using the Lavopay mobile app this will be stored in the system, but that's the idea of doing a payment. We do not collect and store any payment information (card numbers, CVV-codes, names on card, expiration date). 
Lavopay doesn’t require access to your phone's contacts. The GPS is only used to determine your postal (ZIP) code if you allow it. The GPS data is never stored or tracked on our server. We store only your full name, phone number and your email address, which is necessary for correct authorization and notification of you about transactions